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Open Server Summit Announces Facebook to Speak

Open Server Summit is pleased to report that Matt Corddry of Facebook will offer an update on the exciting Open Compute and OpenRack standards

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SANTA CLARA, CA – October 1, 2013 – Open Server Summit, a leading Silicon Valley conference for the server industry taking place October 22-24 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, is delighted to announce that Matt Corddry of Facebook will return this year. “Last year, his update was one of our best attended sessions and many people enjoyed the chance to talk to Matt afterward,” said Program Chairperson Dr. Lance A. Leventhal. “We are pleased to have Matt join us once again and look forward to the opportunity to learn of the progress Facebook is making in server and rack design. His return is one of many factors leading to a doubling of our registration over 2012 levels.”

Facebook’s Open Compute and OpenRack standards are revolutionizing megadatacenters and forcing server manufacturers to rethink their product portfolios and product strategies. The Open Compute Project started when Facebook decided it needed a new approach in order to implement its computing infrastructure in the most efficient and economical way possible. Facebook’s “clean slate” design led to the use of a 480-volt electrical distribution system to reduce energy loss, removal of anything in servers that didn’t contribute to efficiency, reusable hot aisle air in winter to both heat the offices and the outside air flowing into the data center, and elimination of the need for a central uninterruptible power supply. The result is data centers that use 38 percent less energy to do the same work as Facebook’s existing facilities, while costing 24 percent less.

Matt Coddry is Director of Hardware Engineering at Facebook and the leader of the hardware engineering design team. He was previously a senior manager at, where he led the team responsible for all Amazon servers worldwide.

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Open Server Summit (“OSS”), produced by Conference Concepts and formerly called Server Design Summit, celebrates its 5th anniversary October 23-24 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. OSS focuses on the design of next-generation servers with topics ranging from semiconductors and network interface cards through powerful high-end systems and overall infrastructure design and operation. The conference also covers data center efficiency, cloud storage, virtualization, ultra-low-power server clusters, DC power, PCIe flash caching, and liquid cooling. Industry visionaries will address the use of SSDs, ARM-based microservers, software-defined networking, and other efforts toward combining industry-standard hardware with open-source software.

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