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New Software-Defined Infrastructure (SDI) Summit Helps Data Centers Provide an Infrastructure for Cloud Computing and Big Data

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SANTA CLARA, CA – October 26, 2015 – Conference Concepts today announced announced its new event for data center architects and their ecosystem. The SDI Summit highlights the positive impact of SDI on Big Data, cloud computing, real-time analysis, and the storage explosion, all without busting budgets or adding staff. The Summit will be on December 1-3 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Registration is now open at the event website.

SDI helps data centers respond easily and rapidly to new requirements and business needs. With it, a data center can use both local and cloud resources to roll out new services and applications quickly. The center can also scale to handle ever-increasing amounts of data.

The Summit begins with day-long pre-conference seminars to bring attendees up-to-date on key topics. These include Software-Defined Storage, OpenStack, and Ceph (an open-source, massively scalable storage system combining object, block and file system storage). The day ends with a plenary on the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) and a look into the distant future with “SDI in 2025: Where We Are and How We Got There”.

Over the next two days, the Summit will present keynotes from such major players as Microsoft, IBM, VMware, Red Hat, Intel, Nutanix, Dell, Cisco, and Nano Global (former HP/Dell top executive Sam Greenblatt). Plenary sessions cover market research, customer viewpoints, and SDI futures. Attendees can choose breakout sessions on hyperconvergence, enterprise data centers, Docker and Containers, improving SDI performance, distributed systems software, and automation and orchestration. The VC Forum offers major VCs discussing SDI-related startups.

IT architects, managers, data center personnel, network operators, programmers, and engineers will learn how to create the data centers of the future. The Summit offers a focused, vendor-neutral event covering key SDI topics. Plenaries and a special one-on-one “Chat with the Experts” session (including beer and pizza) allow for networking with both vendors and customers.

About the Software Defined Infrastructure Summit

The SDI Summit is a three-day event, beginning with pre-conference educational sessions on December 1, which covers OpenStack implementations, CEPH open-source storage APIs, and data-center software for management and automation. Two “main tent” conference days follow and will provide a holistic view of the SDI market – and how SDI software and hardware technologies can be used to improve the IT flexibility and business agility of the organizations that deploy it. In addition to the keynotes and the session tracks, SDI Summit will feature an exhibition show floor showcasing the latest in SDI solutions.

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Melissa Kallos
SDI Summit