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IT Brand Pulse Open Compute Innovation Leader Awards Presented at the 2013 Ethernet Summit

IT Brand Pulse will be presenting the 2013 Innovation awards for Open Compute-related product categories, as voted on by IT professionals this year. There are 17 categories represented and many top vendors, like you, will be on hand to accept award plaques and receive public recognition. The awards ceremony will take place on stage in the Exhibition Hall on Wednesday, October 23rd, 6:30-7pm

About The IT Brand Pulse Leader Awards

The IT Brand Pulse leader awards—covering a wide range of products including networking, servers, and storage—measure the perceptions of IT professionals in large enterprise, medium enterprise and HPC environments. For different product categories, the not-vendor-sponsored surveys regularly ask respondents to choose overall market leaders, as well as leaders for price, performance, reliability, service & support, and innovation.


Andy Bechtolsheim was voted by IT Pros in 2012 as the person who contributed most to server innovation in the last 20 years. Two prominent Open Compute innovation leaders will receive awards at Open Server/Open Storage Summit 2013.

““IT Brand Pulse Awards are special – the major customers vote on them,” said Lance Leventhal, Program Chairperson, Open Server/Open Storage Summit. “For recipients, they indicate top ratings from those who are currently using the products every day. For those looking for guidance on purchases, they reflect the judgments of people like themselves. An IT Brand Pulse award tells the world that a company is doing the job with the only audience that really counts – the end users”

Respondents to Recent Surveys (partial list)

  • Server Administrator/Architect - American Airlines
  • Server Administrator/Architect - Cornell University
  • Storage Administrator/Architect - Transamerica
  • Data Center Manager - NASA (JPL)
  • Data Center Manager - Scripps Health
  • Network Administrator/Architect - JP Morgan
  • IT Manager/Director – CA DMV
  • Server Administrator/Architect - State of Minnesota
  • Director of IT – Boeing
  • Network Administrator/Architect - EPA
  • Corporate VP - New York Life
  • Data Center Manager - Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Storage Administrator/Architect - Sony Online Entertainment
  • IT Manager/Director - Deloitte
  • Network Architect - Anheuser-Busch
  • Storage Administrator/Architect - Chevron
  • Chief Technology Officer - Colliers International
  • …among others

2013 Open Computer Innovation Leader Product Categories

Microserver, Industry Standard Server, Open Compute Project Server, Open Compute Project Server Processor, Enterprise HDDs, Open Compute Project Storage, Desktop Virtualization (VDI), Cloud Operating Platform, SDN Platform, SDN Orchestration Software, SDN Controller, SDN Virtual Switch, SDN Switch, Layer 4-7 SDN Services Platform, VXLAN Gateway, SDN ASICs and SDN Monitoring.

About IT Brand Pulse

IT Brand Pulse is a trusted source of data and analysis about IT infrastructure, including servers, storage and networking. It is headed by Analyst Frank Berry, former VP Marketing at QLogic and Quantum, and a 30-year veteran of the technology industry.

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